Hello Baby Showers!

Baby Showers

Whenever you are pregnant, one thing you might think about is the baby shower. There are so many different ideas for baby showers on Pinterest and social media, how do you choose a theme? Continue reading to learn about one of our couple’s rustic themed baby shower! Full of plaid, woodsy, rustic decor, and an […]

Some Of Our Favorite Wedding Escort Card Ideas

Wedding Escort Card Ideas

After countless hours of consideration and thoughtful discussion, the seating chart has been finalized. All of your guests have been strategically placed in exactly the right spot to see your entrance, avoid “that” cousin, enjoy conversation with a colleague or simply just to enjoy the evening. And now, the decision of how to display their […]

MuseumLab Wedding Venue Spotlight

MuseumLab Wedding Venue

MuseumLab wedding venue is a unique place in Pittsburgh that embraces a “beautiful ruin” style. It retains a lot of the original library building’s past grandeur and historic roots while still providing brides with updated modern features and amenities. They feature an ornate entrance, high arches, unique spaces, and inspiring artwork throughout the venue that […]