It remains trendy to have an intimate, rustic wedding in a barn setting. It is also popular to have a romantic wedding in a sophisticated hotel or venue space. What are the pros and cons for both types of venues? While both settings are stunning for a beautiful wedding, let’s take a deeper look at the differences between the two styles of venues.

Rustic Barn Venues:

Many couples are seeking the country yet chic style and look for their wedding. Using a barn setting is a great way to incorporate modest elegance while focusing on the beauty of an old fashioned venue. Barns offer a beautiful blank canvas! The options are endless in a barn setting with the simple wooden backdrop as your starting point. The space can easily be transformed into a luxurious, elegant setting through lighting effects, beautiful candle placement, and intricate floral arrangements. Or, keep it simple! You can also embrace the rural, countryside feeling by using minimal lights, neutral colors for elegant centerpieces, and hints of greenery. Either option creates an intimate atmosphere to celebrate the couple’s special day. Barn venues also offer stunning backdrops for wedding photos. Barns are often surrounded by fields or open spaces of land, allowing couples to get outstanding sunset or under-the-stars photos. Combine this with the picturesque setting of the barn itself, and photographers can have a field day capturing the barn’s beauty.

Romantic Venues:

Seeking the timeless elegance of a hotel or wedding hall to create the most romantic atmosphere for your wedding? There are many options to choose from when it comes to this type of venue. Romantic settings are excellent venues to host your dream wedding. Reception halls offer ample space to spread out your guest tables, decorate with beautiful floral and greenery pieces, use unique lighting techniques through candles and uplighting, and incorporate personal touches to make the space your own. Many romantic venues have tall ceilings as well, creating an oasis for the happy couple. One of the greatest benefits of booking an intimate wedding reception space is the protection from the weather. Outdoor weddings are truly stunning, but it can be a risky game with the weather depending on the time of the year. Booking an indoor venue removes that extra layer of planning for inclement weather on your wedding day. Indoor wedding venues also have larger restrooms for guests and climate control to keep your guests comfortable. Romantic indoor venues set the scene for a show-stopper wedding that will create memories to last a lifetime.

So, with the beautiful details in mind about these two venue types, which one are you going to choose?