Unique Wedding Desserts

Looking for something more unique than a wedding cake for your special day? We have some unique wedding desserts ideas that are equally delicious! At Hello Productions, we have seen many of these at weddings and private events, and there are a few that we would love to see!

Cotton Candy

Your wedding day may feel like a circus, but it doesn’t have to be themed like one to serve cotton candy to your guests. This fun treat is enjoyed by adults and children alike, and can be colored (and flavored!) to match your wedding.

Individual Mini Desserts

We love the idea of serving every guest a dessert and imagine their surprise when a Banana Carmel Cream Parfait is set down in front of them instead of a piece of cake! Ask your local baker or venue chef to make a mini version of your favorite dessert.

Jello Shots

This is not your typical jello cup with fruit! These miniature desserts can be masterpieces with different flavors layered. While many jello shot recipes include liqueur, you can easily make these non-alcoholic for a wedding. Although, if you are having an adult-only party, you may want to try some of the liqueur recipes.

Cake Push Up Pops

While cake pops are still very popular, cake push up pops are catching on as well. In addition to being fun to eat, the layers in clear containers make them look as great as they taste.

Funnel Cakes

Not many of us can resist the smell of a freshly made funnel cake! A little food coloring in the batter has these funnel cakes looking very glamorous (and we’re sure they are just as delicious!).Retro Snack Cakes

Twinkies and Hostess Cupcakes are not just for road trips – they can look quite fabulous on a candy bar of retro-themed desserts. Don’t forget the Swiss Cake Rolls and Ding Dongs!

Mini Pies

We’re not ready to say goodbye to this trend anytime soon, especially with a different flavor to suit each season. Having a main “wedding cake” out of pies and then additional mini pies for guests makes us smile!

Want a few more ideas? WHIRL’s Sugar Rush: Wedding Desserts article has a few more unique wedding dessert ideas, including cupcakes, cake pops and cookies.