A lot of couples are opting for engagement photo sessions. These photos can be serious or fun, and are often included on the Save-the-Date or couple’s wedding website. In case you have your engagement photos scheduled (or just want ideas for the future), we share some of our favorite and most unique childhood-inspired engagement photo ideas in the rest of our blog.

It’s also a nice idea for the couple to have the photos involve something that they share, such as a love for sports, a shared pet or a special location. Channeling your inner child can help you share something that was important to you as a child. This also creates many fun and cute ideas that other couples will have wished they came up with first.

No matter how old you are, we are convinced you are never too old for balloons! Balloons can help provide a pop of color to any engagement photo shot.

These fun chalk and chalkboard ideas take us back to our school days (when we were often dreaming about our “someday” wedding instead of paying attention). 

The game of love can be challenging and fun, just like the games these engagement photos were inspired by! This childhood-inspired engagement photo is a simple way to show what a cute couple you make!

Your engagement photo session wouldn’t be complete without your favorite furry friends! Check out these sweet photo ideas with pets included.

And here are just a few bonus childhood-inspired engagement photo ideas!

We hope that you enjoyed looking at some of our favorite childhood-inspired engagement photo ideas. If you have any questions regarding engagement photos, bridal party, or planning your wedding and reception, please feel free to contact us today at Hello Productions. We are happy to help in any way possible to make your day special!