Light Up Your Wedding

Every bride spends so much time choosing flowers, décor, and elements for their wedding that make their event beautiful and unique to them. But sometimes the small details can get lost without something to light up the space. Lighting is a very important feature to any event space in order to highlight all the amazing details that a couple chooses for their special day. Don’t let your wedding stay dark and take a look at some of the ways for you to light up your wedding!

Pin Spots

Pin spot lighting is a lighting technique that highlights specific areas or elements at your wedding. They allow you to add lighting to darker areas without changing the aesthetic and atmosphere of the event space or they can show off items such as centerpieces, décor, or your wedding cake like a small spotlight. Pin spotting helps your floral arrangements and décor truly pop and stand out as a focal point at your wedding.

Wall Wash Lighting

Wash lighting is a technique used to evenly apply colored lights in your wedding space. Most of the time, LED fixtures are placed near the ceiling and are pointed down in order to create a colored ambiance to the space. Whether you choose blue for a winter wonderland themed wedding or a white backdrop with your choice of colors, wall washes can change the aesthetic of any wedding. Brides can choose colors that will accent and highlight the details they’ve already chosen in order to truly pull the room together and create the perfect effect for their special day.

Up Lighting

Up lighting is used to highlight the event space by placing small lights near the floor and pointing them upward. It provides a special ambiance to the room while also highlighting the architecture of the venue itself. It can be used to focus on specific areas such as the sweetheart table, cake table, dance floor, or just add a special affect to the room itself. Up lighting can provide more flattering lighting if the venue doesn’t naturally have great lighting and it is relatively easy to do.

Monogram/ “Gobo” Lighting

Monogram or “Gobo” lighting is used to project a special monogram/image on the wall or a surface of the event space. A “gobo” is a small disc that is inserted into a special gobo projector. When light passes through it, the image appears onto a surface. You can create a monogram for your wedding and then have it displayed on a wall, floor, or ceiling during the event using the gobo. This adds a unique touch to your wedding and allows another feature to light up your wedding venue.

Candle Lighting

Using candles to light up your wedding is an easy way to create a soft ambiance in your venue. Whether you use them as centerpieces or as accents throughout the space, candles are a great way to add small lighting touches throughout the event space.

Fairy Lights and String Lights

If you’re looking for an inexpensive way to add some lighting to your wedding, fairy or string lights can be a great addition. You can hang them from the ceiling or the walls and create a magnificent ambiance in your space and save some money in the process.

No matter which option you choose, lighting is so important in truly fulfilling the ambiance and atmosphere that you want for your wedding day. Take one or multiple of these ideas and use them to help light up your wedding! Contact us today at Hello Productions if you have any questions!