Linens 101

Are you having trouble creating a romantic, whimsical, or rustic atmosphere for your wedding? Let’s go back to the drawing board and start at the beginning: the table linens! Finding the perfect linens to match your theme and color scheme is like the cherry on top of an ice cream sundae. Check out the tips below to bring your ultimate wedding vision to life by starting with the linens!

Tip 1

Budget before you start shopping at a table linen rental company. It is easy to lose track of costs when you are viewing the beautifully made linen options that would add the perfect sparkle to your wedding day. Renting linens can come at a high cost, therefore, it is important to have a budget in mind before starting your shopping excursion. Rentals can range from $15 to $100 or more per linen depending on your style; do some preliminary research and create a linen budget that works best for you and your wedding budget. This is a great thing to discuss with an event planner who will guide you in your decisions and connect you with established linen rental vendors.

Tip 2

Spice up your table look with accessories! Think creatively of how to dress up your table linens to make your guest tables shine. A simple cream cotton linen can be the star of the show by using colorful napkins, silver or gold napkin holders, intricate chair coverings and sashes, see-through mesh table covering on top of the linen, and so much more! Don’t fret if you can’t decide on the perfect color for each table - embrace the use of accessories to bring any table linen to life.

Tip 3

Mix and match your linens to stretch your color palette and give each table its own unique look. For a neutral color scheme, try using creams and beige colors scattered throughout the table setup along with hints of sage green or pale blue to add in pops of color. For a more romantic look, using darker shades of navy blue, maroon, or a dark red will set the scene for an intimate dream setting. Having two different patterns or themes to use throughout your guest tables creates a beautiful setting for a wedding reception.

Choosing the table linens is a fun way to add color and beauty to your wedding. Start your table linen shopping dream by following these three tips!