Real advice From Wedding planners

Over the years, the planners at Hello Productions have experienced a lot … and we want to share a few of our favorite things about being wedding and event planners! Continue reading to hear some advice from wedding planners for some things to help prepare you for your special day!

Sometimes things go wrong…

Even though we help plan thousands of weddings, sometimes, things go wrong that you never would have thought. Here are some stories of when things went wrong and advice from wedding planners as to how they managed it.

“As the bride was about to walk down the aisle, the pearl on her earring fell off and went rolling down the hall. Since I keep superglue in my emergency bag and I was able to secure the pearl only seconds before she walked down the aisle!” KELSEY

Advice From Wedding Planners

“At a recent wedding, we recommended all guests park in a specific garage near the reception. We did not know at the time that the garage closed and locked the gates at midnight (the time the reception was scheduled to end). We as the planners spoke with the garage owner asking (begging) them to keep the garage open. They kept it open an additional hour. Guests never had to know the parking issue, and I learned to never assume parking is 24 hours!” NATASHA

“At a recent wedding, when preparing our escort cards to be placed at each guest’s seat, we realized that quite a few of the guests’ cards were missing from the printer. After making our list, we employed the help of the venue’s receptionist to create replacements for those cards that had been missed. The replacements were made in a timely fashion, and no one ever knew the difference!” LINDSEY

“At a recent wedding, I stopped by the venue before the ceremony rehearsal to drop off a few items. The cocktail hour room was set up completely incorrect. They had read the diagram upside down. We had to completely flip the room quickly before the rehearsal at the church.” COLLEEN

“This past summer at a baby shower, the host invited 70 guests, received RSVPs from 30 guests and expected no more than 40 guests to arrive. She mentioned there are always unannounced guests at her events, so we planned for 70 to attend… Somehow 80 guests arrived!! The party was at her home, and we ordered enough refreshments to feed an army! Every seat was taken, and we set up an additional seating area in her patio lounge area. The party was full and lively! I often remind my clients to order a little more than needed (seating, food/beverage, favors) in case unexpected guests attend.” NATASHA

“At a barn wedding way out by Ohio Pyle, the caterer did not bring enough linens and were just planning on using anything they could find to cover what they were missing. Even though they were miles away from the venue, I made them call one of their employees to bring the extra linens in time for the wedding.” ASHLEY

You would be surprised to know…

“I am often a psychologist as well, dealing with family elements that come up and making sure all issues are tabled the day of the wedding. I am often asked questions about bridal party friends and other personal issues that come up when planning a wedding. This can happen when planning corporate events as well when there are team members who don’t get along.” ASHLEY

Advice From Wedding Planners

“It’s harder than it looks! Most people believe event planning is fun and easy. In reality, working out the logistics of an event takes time, patience, effort and skill. Also, things inevitably go wrong and it takes quick thinking to resolve problems on the spot.” COLLEEN

“Most people think my day is visiting venues, shopping for streamers and tasting cake. What they don’t know is that there is a lot of time spent on my computer figuring out the logistics to make the event happen. Email and Excel are two of my best friends.” NATASHA

Outside of the logistical items and timelines we manage, the most challenging (and interesting) part of the job can be managing the personalities of the people involved (clients, volunteers, Board members, family) and the relationships between them.” LINDSEY

“The person most likely to go missing on the day of the wedding is the groom’s father! I’ve spent more than a few weddings looking for him before the ceremony, the reception, etc.” KELSEY

My favorite part about this job…

“Nothing is more satisfying than seeing people enjoy an event that you planned. I love making clients happy by creating a stress-free environment, allowing them to enjoy their event.” COLLEEN

Advice From Wedding Planners

“Having the guests of the wedding or event I’m working, not just who hired me, comment on how smoothly everything is going.” KELSEY

“It’s a great feeling to help our clients, whether a couple getting married or a business hosting an event, to achieve their desired results or enjoy the day they’d always dreamt of. We are part of some pretty amazing moments, and it’s rewarding to see our clients happy and feeling good about hiring a professional to help them with their event.” LINDSEY

“It is very rewarding to see an event come together and play out successfully. Obviously for the private events like weddings, the clients are so grateful since it is such an important event in their lives. On the corporate side, it’s always nice when they comment that not only was the job well done, but that our team was friendly and easy to work with as well.” ASHLEY

“The flexibility in my schedule. Even though I work around the clock, day/night and on weekends, I love creating my own schedule. I also love the social aspect of meeting ALL different types of people especially many of the creative minds in Pittsburgh. Meetings and events are always entertaining.” NATASHA

Advice from Wedding Planners for Brides…

Planning a wedding can be difficult at some points. Whether you are on a tight time frame or have a momzilla we have advice from wedding planners to help you through it all.

“Outside of all of the beautiful decor, music, and food, this day that we’re planning for is about the start of your marriage and celebrating it with all of your closest family and friends- which is pretty amazing. I know that it can be tough when there are so many decisions and stressful moments along the way, but try not to ever lose sight of that.” LINDSEY

Advice From Wedding Planners

“Have a clear vision in mind. Many brides tend to become frustrated and overwhelmed when they don’t know what they want. If you know you like a certain theme, color combo and overall feel, all the details will fall into place and decisions will be much easier.” NATASHA

“Do not stress about the small things. Determine what the most important element is and focus your money and attention there. The rest will get completed, but will not be something you or your guests will remember (this is different for everyone, but usually the escort cards, table numbers, programs, even bouquets are not necessarily items that people will remember).” ASHLEY

“Be sure to make your money stretch by making larger investments for things that will make a big impact. Instead of spending excessively on a favor, rent a photo booth and pay more for a great DJ.” COLLEEN

Advice for corporate events…

Hello Productions

“Invest in quality food. People are more apt to pay attention and attend your event year after year if they are satisfied with their meal.” COLLEEN

“Stick to your planning timeline. Try your best not to backtrack and change your plans multiple times leading up to the event. This will only cause confusion and delays.” NATASHA

“Try to have the schedule of sessions prepared more than a couple of weeks before the event so that all detailed items can be put together with plenty of time to ensure accuracy, i.e. name badges, personalized agendas, room set-ups, etc.” ASHLEY

Advice for private events at home…

“BE PREPARED THAT THE WEATHER WILL NOT ALWAYS COOPERATE! I would go into it ASSUMING it is going to rain, and then plan around that. Also, be prepared to spend more on items that you will need – portable toilets, possibly a generator, fans or an air-conditioned tent if it’s extremely hot and to keep the flies away from the food.” ASHLEY

“Add accents throughout your home that tie in with your event. Since your home is now your venue space, add little items to side tables, restrooms, and mantles that are cohesive to your event theme or style. Also add special lighting or rental furniture to transform the space into a night to remember.” NATASHA

“Plan for the unexpected by having a friend or family member come beforehand to help deal with any last minute hiccups. You can’t finish dinner while running to get extra ice.” COLLEEN

Need advice for your next event? Let us at Hello Productions take care of everything. Please let us know if you have any questions about our advice from wedding planners. Give us a call today!